Accessible Care

The health of your pet’s eyes has a significant impact on their quality of life. When they have an ocular condition that requires specialty-level treatment, it can often come with a significant price tag. We Envision a way to make high quality ophthalmology accessible to the people and pets of our community.

Streamlined Efficiency

Digital communication. Streamlined workflows. A pioneering spirit. We aren’t just building a gold-standard veterinary ophthalmology practice. We are reinventing the way that we can deliver care to you and your pet. Because we exist to make a difference in your lives.

Envision More

Very nice people helping animals with eye/vision problems and other services.
Great staff and doctor. Our family is very grateful for the care given to our Lucy. She’s doing great
S Figueroa
At envision more everybody from the staff to Dr Griggs are fabulous, kind, caring and accommodating. I can’t recommend them enough. Love them

Dr. Griggs immediately bonded with Baxter, examined him thoroughly while at the same time comforting me as she explained all she was seeing. I knew I was in the right place. I would recommend Dr. Griggs to anyone who needs an ophthalmologist specialist for their pet.