Lens on the Loose: Lens Luxation in Pets

The lens in your pet’s eye is a clear structure that sits behind the pupil and iris, helping to focus light rays onto the retina for vision. In some pets, the lens can become unstable, causing lens subluxation, or fall out of place entirely, causing lens luxation. Lens luxations can result in eye damage, eye [...]

From Pupils to Ptosis: Understanding Horner’s Syndrome in Animals

Horner's syndrome is a neurological condition that can affect people and animals, including pets and livestock. This syndrome manifests through a distinct set of signs that result when the sympathetic nervous system is disrupted. While the underlying mechanisms are similar across species, the presentation and management of Horner's syndrome varies widely in different animals. What [...]

Feline Infectious Conjunctivitis

Cats are commonly affected by eye inflammation caused by viruses and bacteria. Our Envision More Veterinary Ophthalmology team knows how significant your cat’s eyes are to their quality of life, and we provide helpful information about feline infectious conjunctivitis. What is feline infectious conjunctivitis? The conjunctiva is the tissue that lines a cat’s eyelids and [...]

Keeping an Eye on French Bulldog Health

At Envision More Veterinary Ophthalmology, we understand that French bulldogs hold a special place in the hearts of many pet owners. Their unique charm and endearing personalities make them beloved companions. However, French bulldogs are prone to specific health issues, including several eye conditions. Understanding these conditions is the first step in ensuring your furry [...]

Managing Arthritis in Senior Pets

You may be familiar with the aches and pains of arthritis, a joint disease that impacts many older people and pets. And, like people with arthritis pain, many senior pets suffer in silence and trudge through their days despite their discomfort. Pet owners can help their furry pal by recognizing early arthritis signs, bringing concerns [...]

Common Pet Eye Diseases

The saying “The eyes are the windows to the soul” rings true for most pet owners, who feel a deep connection with their furry pal when they look into their eyes. A pet’s eyes are important not only for vision and navigation, but also for expression and communication, and pet owners should learn to recognize [...]

Ways to Support Your Senior Pet’s Eye, Brain, and Overall Health

Pets become seniors when they enter the last quarter of their expected lifespan. Age itself is not a disease, although pets in this life stage are more likely to develop diseases. Pet owners, in partnership with their veterinary team, can make simple changes to their pet’s nutrition and supplement regimen to optimize health and address [...]

Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips for Blind and Vision-Impaired Pets

Many people look forward to Thanksgiving to gather with family or friends, feel grateful for life’s blessings, and share a hearty meal. For holiday hosts, Thanksgiving can also be hectic and stressful, and many pets share similar sentiments. This holiday has many potential pet dangers, which are often compounded for blind or vision-impaired pets who [...]

Is Your Pet at Risk? Fungal Infections in Dogs and Cats

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—your pet’s eyes provide important clues about their overall health. Systemic fungal infections are serious diseases that your pet can contract from the environment and, unfortunately, cannot really be prevented. Therefore, pet owners should learn to recognize disease signs and seek veterinary care as soon as they [...]

Ouch! Ocular Trauma in Pets

Pets are like family, and pet owners do everything in their power to protect their furry pals from harm. Unfortunately, accidents and emergencies may still happen, despite your best guardian efforts. Eye injuries and eye trauma can be especially upsetting for pet owners, who immediately empathize with their furry pal’s plight and worry about their [...]

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